While driving to church this morning it was FOGGY!! MORE of those pix later...  THEN the SUN POPPED OUT!!  It was really BEAUTIFUL!!

This verse is from the Message... I really LOVE how it says this...  I WANT to see what GOD is doing!!

I LOVED the fog this morning! =)

I saw the fog this morning and tried to get it before the SUN came thru...  I LOVED SEEING this!!

Keep YOUR conscience CLEAR too  =)

What do you see EVERYDAY?

This is my bathroom door!  I see it EVERYDAY... and all I do SEE is a cross!  I take time to PRAISE God and PRAY at the start of everyday... because this is just a reminder HE is there with me! Do you have something that you see EVERYDAY that reminds you that GOD is there??


I think that Winter is my FAVORITE season... BUT, I think it is because I live in Southern California =)  I get to enjoy ALL of the BEAUTY of the snow along with the temperatures of Spring...  Check it out =)

My Little Grand Daughter =)

I think this is my FAVE so far!  I cannot WAIT til she is HERE!!  AND I think this photo looks like Liam's profile!!  


New SONG...

I have had this pic for a while... I just LOVE MUSIC!  I wish I could PLAY... I think that is why I love to shoot instruments!!

God has changed me... and I want to PRAISE HIM all day LONG  =)


I LOVE this photo  =)  AND I LOVE this verse!!!   Let YOUR light SHINE for HIM!!!

There is a time to DANCE =)

I am going to be really honest here... CHUCK thought of this verse today!!  I LOVED IT!   It FITS the sermon and the photo!!!  What a WONDERFUL MAN I have  =)


I saw this yesterday AND was reminded of this verse...  especially when people drive on the shoulder trying to get ahead of the rest of us...  ONE of my pet peeves!   I need to learn to let it go!!

...walk by FAITH

I really do LOVE the rain...  and this last storm was so HARD I just had to take pix of my windows!!  Then this verse HIT me...  I am so glad to be reminded that GOD is the one in CONTROL!!!  I can TRUST HIM with ALL things - seen and unseen!!

I do LOVE the rain!!

I missed shooting the hail today =(  BUT I did see the red rose and LOVED seeing it thru the window!

Let YOUR light lead me...

I was bored sitting at the airport... so I just started shooting things... this is the ceiling light =) I just LOVED what I saw... and I want the LORD to LEAD ME...

Search me oh God...

I was at the airport for a few hours yesterday... and I was playing games on my iPhone and saw this...  I LOVED it... so this is shot with my iPhone =)


I got to take the girls to see "Wicked" today... I HAD to use one of the pix from it!  We got to meet one of the cast members!!  It was so FUN!

Remember to Trust IN the LORD too!!!

Cast your cares on the LORD =)

I really NEEDED this verse today...  it kept me going!! =)  OLD photo... with a GREAT verse!!  I am going by CA time to post this =)  Technically I am STILL on CA time today!!

Ever have just "one of those days" ??

I am using what I have available for pix... and this one says it all to me!! Poor Percy fell off the tracks... and  a few other cars didn't quite stay on them either  =)  Thomas doesn't look to happy!!


I cheated a little bit today =)  I did this photo a few years ago... with a GREAT FAMILY!!  AND what is so FUN looking at this today - in Church today the kids were ALL dedicated to the LORD!!  It was such an AMAZING day!!

Be wise... to SHINE =)

I just LOVE the light in this sky shot!! This was a photo that I struggled choosing a verse for... there are so MANY!! Somedays I have the verse FIRST... today it was the photo... =) 

Being transformed...

hmmm... now that I am thinking this one thru... I should have taken a photo of a Transformer =)

Anyway...  I LOVE reflections and I really to want to REFLECT the LORD in my life  =)

Gifts... from God...

I LOVE taking photos of shadows!  And we were on a walk the other day and the sun was casting the BEST shadows so I had to SHOOT both Chuck and I!!  Chuck really is the BEST gift from GOD - I am truly BLESSED!!


I love candles too =)  Here are our candles...  I really LOVE to PRAY for ALL of my family!!!

I started back to the GYM today...

And this IS how I really felt!!  I am so OUT of shape - BUT I will be working up to be able to at least balance on ONE foot!!  I did the purple ball today... and I will get to that bottom one THIS YEAR!!!

I have wanted pix like this on my walls!!

I just LOVE doors... I think it is because they represent someone must choose to OPEN it =)  AND I have never regretted a day that I opened mine to let Jesus in...  34 years ago!!  I will... one day... have a WALL of DOORS!!!

SMILE... =)

I NEVER noticed that my Splenda packs had sayings on them til this morning!!  AND I really did smile when I read it because I thought It was soooooo FUNNY - Sprinkling could make me smile!!  HAHA!!

So I found a verse that I LOVED!!  Eat AND Drink... ENJOY where GOD has you NOW!!