We need to die to ourselves...

TO LIVE!  I shot this the other day...  I LOVED it!!  Then I found this verse... it is perfect! =)

My soul thirsts...

FOR GOD!  I am feeling a bit stressed today and my soul IS thirsting...   I shot this last night at dinner - AND had this verse IN mind for it!!  =)

WHEW!! barely made it today!!

I did cheat a bit today... I made the verse at the Laker game tonight and them posted it on the other pic =)  BUT my heart has been heavy for marriages... especially after Chuck's sermon on Sunday so this is the PERFECT verse for it =)

Teach me the way Lord...

Another fire damage pic... and to me it looks like the trees are lifting their arms to the LORD =) This verse says it all...  Lord, I want to HEAR your voice... teach me!

There is ALWAYS hope!

Yesterday I got to take an AMAZING drive up to Angeles Crest Christian Camp...  and to SEE for myself the devastations that a FIRE can do!  I have never seen this much fire damage...  yet... it was a beautiful sight to see!  I couldn't take my eyes... or my cameras OFF of it all!!  The trees that were left stood tall and burnt - and the little bit of GREEN gave just enough hope to KNOW that it will be ok...   This verse is just what this pic needs! There is ALWAYS hope =)

I am a rose of Sharon...

I just LOVE flowers!  and taking pix of them!!  Here is one from a FUN wedding we did =)


I really do LOVE tulips!!  and PURPLE!!  AND I love this shot of one standing all alone... and this verse - there are days I feel like that!!

The teaching of the wise...

is a FOUNTAIN of life =)   LOVE this picture!!!
ALL the kids are SLEEPING at the same time today... I got to do my picture EARLY!!!  

A man will be satisfied...

... by the fruit of his words!  I LOVE this verse!!  We have peaches growing in the back yard - and when I went out to see them today... WOW there are a lot!!  HAHA!!  I think TOO many!  The peaches are really small!!  This happened a couple of years ago and the branches BROKE!!

Thirst for Righteousness!

I am trying to find a photo to go with EVERY verse of the BE attitudes since this is the current sermon series that Chuck is doing... =)  I am slow in finding just the right shot... well I LOVED this pic... and I am thrilled that another verse found =)

I am so emotional today... =)

Today we CELEBRATED Liam's first birthday... and it was such a FUN day!  You can read more here...  Life... It's a Daily Thing - AND I took a FEW pix...  =)   I LOVED this moment...  Liam got down from his Mommy's lap DURING the present opening time... and crawled over to Chuck... and up onto his lap...  it was so CUTE!  Even now... I am just so emotional thinking about it...  the whole day...  WOW!

I LOVE the beach!

AND seeing waves really shows how powerLESS I am!  I shot this a few years ago...  and have it to hang on my wall!  I just LOVE the POWER it shows!!  AND there is NO ONE more powerful than GOD!  

Light is SWEET =)

I just LOVE FALL... and these leaves were so BEAUTIFUL!!  AND this LIGHT... I just LOVE it!!  AND I enjoy the sunshine these days...  =)  

Our hearts reflect who we are...

I do LOVE reflection pictures...   AND I do LOVE GOD's word!  SO what a GREAT combo here!! This was taken last summer in Louisville, KY - It was BEAUTIFUL seeing all these rivers and bridges!!  

My cup overflows...

God is so AMAZING!!  I am thankful for HIS blessings!  I LOVE tea parties too... and thought this was a great verse to go with one of my favorites!!  

Our neighbor's tree =)

This is our neighbors tree and this is the fruit growing on it... I have NO idea what it is... but it looks YUMMY!   I had to take a shot of it =)  I LOVE this verse with this too!!

Let the LORD lead...

HE is at work in my life!  AND I want to be lead by HIM...  even IF I am uneasy =)

I so NEED my coffee...

to start my DAY!  OR sometimes to SAVE the day  =)  I LOVED this verse with the pix!

SING to HIM a new song...

I so wish I could play an instrument =)  I have always wanted to play the saxophone! I just LOVE how it sounds!!  I also wish I could SING... =)    but... I can SHOUT =)    I do LOVE this verse... and I will SHOUT for joy!  GOD IS GOOD!

Be planted... =)

in the HOUSE of the LORD!  I loved this pic...  but it was a bit hard to find a verse - this one is PERFECT!!  

HE has risen!

I do LOVE Easter! It seems it goes toooo fast tho... this week has been just AMAZING remembering what Jesus has done for me...  AMAZING...

HE is THE light...

It is Easter tomorrow - and I just am so THANKFUL that Jesus was willing to come and take our SINS on Himself... so I can LIVE and have HOPE!  This pic just gives me hope... I LOVE how the light just shines and the middle is so BRIGHT!! Happy Easter... HE IS ALIVE  =)

It is no longer I who live...

I have been crucified with Christ... I have been so emotional ALL day today...  Good Friday...  I just LOVE this day - it is a reminder of what GOD has done for me and I want to LIVE for HIM!  This is a pic from our Good Friday service tonight...


I was just playing with my camera the other night - taking TONS of pix... then when I uploaded them... I saw this one... THIS WEEK...  WOW!  I just LOVE the palm tree and cross in ONE pix...  the ONLY verse I could think of to be on here is this one!!  I do LOVE Passion Week!