Following HIM...

I shot this yesterday while on the beach in Hawaii...  I just love it!  SO... when I was looking for verses... this is the PERFECT one...  I want to LEAVE every THING to follow Jesus!  Life is better when HE is my EVERYTHING!!

Pic for today AND tomorrow =)

Ok... I am a bit LATE for today - Sunday's pic... and I even created it Saturday and I still didn't have time to upload it til today =(  SO I did Monday's pic too... and technically it IS Monday so I am posting it too!

Sunday's pic...  BOTH things I NEED in the morning... JESUS and COFFEE  =)

Monday's Pic...  he is waiting patiently as he is playing his game =)

My PRAYER for this Christmas season...

I want to be a refection of Jesus this Christmas season... and I read this verse this morning and I want this to be MY LIFE verse for this season!!  My PRAYER is that YOU will KNOW who JESUS is too =)


All the candles... lights... and SPARKLES!  =)  Here is the start of Christmas pix =)  WALK IN THE LIGHT!!  HE shines thru YOU =)

I AM thankful today...

God is so GOOD to me... and I so LOVE HIM! I do LOVE the family HE has given me...  they are the BEST!!

AND one LITTLE thing that I am THANKFUL for... candy kisses =)  It was so fun to munch on them all day long... ONE of my many little BLESSINGS in my life!  HAHA!!

LOVE on someone this season...

I LOVE the FALL and all the colors that come with it!!  And I love this verse with this pic...  And as I was thinking thru this verse... this is the time of year when a lot of people are hurting and really need to be LOVED on... we can share JESUS with them! HE is the ULTIMATE heart healer!! 

LIGHT rises in the darkness...

I do LOVE lights... and this castle had so MANY places for GREAT shots!

AND GOD is so gracious and compassionate to me... I just LOVE HIM =)


FOREVER!  This was so FUN to see when we were up in the Napa area... a CASTLE!  AND at SUNSET =)   It just reminds me that GOD is the only ONE that reigns - FOREVER!

I do LOVE to see GOD's POWER!

I had fun shooting my "drive-by's" while driving with Chuck!  AND seeing all these power poles... just reminded me of GOD's POWER!!

AND this verse...  I want to DECLARE HIS power to the next generation...  My GRAND KIDS!!  GOD IS AT WORK!!!

What kind of fruit are you?

I want to be GOOD fruit =)  

I got this shot from a gas station... driving home.  I think I LOVE making LOTS of stops on a road trip! =)

My pic for today...

We drove home all day today and KNEW we still had to shred... And we did!!! To me this really is WORK!!! And all my stuff is still packed away... I did this on my iPad =] at least I got it done TODAY!!

GOD gives me the strength to keep doing this...

I LOVE the ocean...

I am so thrilled that God has allowed me to LIVE near one!  AND even DRIVE to some!  This is up near Bodega Bay... and it was a BREATHTAKING view!!  GOD IS POWERFUL!!! 

GOD does provide for us...

I just LOVED this shot... and NOT sure what verse to put with it!  HAHAHA!!  SO I chose this one because GOD does provide for us...  even if these ostriches are not birds of the air... HE still CARES for them too =)

GOD gives us PEACE...

I just LOVE this shot! Liam is so content and at PEACE with his Mommy right there...  no FEAR!  That is what GOD does for us...  =)  ALL is right with the world when we TRUST HIM!

Sometimes I just LOVE to shoot... =)

Random STUFF!!  I loved this little house!!  SO this verse is perfect for the way I am feeling TODAY!! =)   GOD IS GOOD!

Walk in HIS ways...

and LOVE HIM =)  I do LOVE paths and roads! They do remind me of walking WITH the Lord!!


I haven't really journaled in a while and I am really wanting to get back into it... so this shot just reminded me that I want to FILL in the blank lines!  

I am very THANKFUL that we have God's WORD in written form for us to read...  

Don't just work for food...

WORK FOR THE LORD!!  Doing HIS will is what brings JOY!!  AND I am shooting all of my kitchen... I just LOVE it!! =)  HAHA!!  AND this verse is just a REMINDER...  working for GOD is WAY better!! 

fix our eyes on JESUS!!

I really love taking pix of the communion trays...  AND this verse IS what I LOVE to do when I am taking communion!  I want to STAY FOCUSED on Jesus and ALL that HE has done for me... and keeps on DOING =)  Jesus can get me thru ANY tough day!! HE suffered way MORE than I ever did!!

GOD binds up our wounds!

Chuck preached on this verse last Sunday... and I NEVER knew there were so MANY different kinds of Band-Aids until I put them away!!  HAHA!!  BUT I had this idea for a picture based on this verse!!  

NO matter what the injury or wound... GOD IS THERE!!!


Inside and out!  I LOVE taking time to just sit and BE WITH the LORD. When I saw this little bench with the little flower coming up thru it... I just fell in LOVE with the beauty of it!  Like it is sitting there - being WITH the LORD too!! =)

I LOVE memories...

I LOVE taking photos... to preserve them. Today we were at an artists meeting for our Church's Stations of the Cross week...  We were looking at all the different stations that were available and one that was mentioned was this woman... and I KNEW that today's pic was my camera lens... and I HAD to use this verse for it...  it really touched me today! I know it is coming up on Christmas time... and I am thinking Easter  =)  BUT they do go together!!

Tears can be a good thing...

I saw this box of tissue and shot it... it reminded me that tears can be good for you! It gets it all OUT... and then you feel better! =)  GOD hears our cries!

Lift up your eyes to the heavens...

AND KNOW that GOD has created them ALL!!  =)  This is what I saw out my window today... I was BLESSED getting to see it!  The pic is with my iPhone... which isn't too bad!!  HAHA!!

I LOVE this verse too... HE knows the stars by name!  AND hasn't lost ONE of them!!  HOW much more valuable YOU are to HIM than the stars...  HE LOVES YOU!! 


My Mother in Law paints these watercolors weekly... and I am so INSPIRED by them!!  They are BEAUTIFUL and I get such a peace when I look at them... and last week I was so TIRED and just saw this and felt encouraged and like I could go on... so that is why I chose this verse with this photo...  it gave me strength!

Where does your HELP come from??

I LOVED getting to shoot this... Liam LOVES going up the stairs!  NOW he can do this all by himself... before that he needed our help!!

I do LOVE that he is looking UP - it does remind me of this verse!!  GOD wants us to look UP and lean on HIM for our help!  I need to be reminded of this sometimes... NOT to do it all on my own! =)

GREAT way to start the day =)

I LOVE my coffee to start the day... and the new countertops are so SHINEY!!  I LOVE THEM!!! SO this verse is for all of you today!!!  =)

Avoid EMPTY chatter...

When I saw this pic... the EMPTY pumpkin I had to find a verse that portrays empty - and THIS verse is one that I do cling to... I do NOT want to get into a pointless argument and waste my time!!   HAHA!!