Sometimes I feel DRY... and thirsty...

That is when I NEED the LORD! HE satisfies!!

I just LOVE shooting random things =)  This is the water faucet at our new house... and it looks in NEED of water!! 

...why do you delay?

This verse is just an extension of YESTERDAY! What a BLESSED day to see so many NOT delay!!

It is AMAZING to watch GOD at work!

Today was such an AMAZING and EMOTIONAL day!  Watching people of ALL ages coming down to fully surrender their lives to Jesus...  the BEST kind of Sunday =)

LOVE the LORD with ALL your HEART =)

It is a bit of cheating today... but we are PACKING UP THE HOUSE to move!  AND TIME is short right now! So... THANK YOU Carol Duarte for this BEAUTIFUL necklace AND inspiring words!!

Jesus is knocking...

Are you letting HIM in?  I love this verse!!  AND I know I have already used it... but I think that this hallway of doors is the perfect pic for it!!

This IS my hearts desire...

to show the LOVE of GOD to THIS generation so they can pass it along to future generations! One of the ways I can show it... is by LOVING my HUSBAND! 

I was playing with my macro lens and one of the things that is easy to shoot - my wedding ring... and I knew I wanted to use it as a pic of the day.  I do LOVE Chuck with all that I have in me... and together we want to show that LOVE to future generations of the CHURCH! 

GOD has been so good to us... even when we have NOT been that good with each other! We have had our struggles but GOD has been the glue that made us stick it out! It really is BOTH Chuck's and my desire to show the LOVE of GOD to everyone we meet!

God makes the sunsets...

AND I LOVE them!!  This one is from Grand Prairie Texas...  I went out to the field right next to our hotel... it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

AND this verse... the weeds look like they are at the ENDS OF THE EARTH and standing in AWE =)

I LOVED the Texas skies =)

I just HAD to take this shot!  I don't think I could CAPTURE the WHOLE beauty that I actually saw tho...  AMAZING SKY!  So I HAD to use this verse... AND what I think is so AMAZING is that the SKY is OVER us ALL... there are NO borders for us to separate it. EVERYONE can enjoy the BEAUTY!

Keep your eyes ON Jesus =)

We rented a Prius to drive around Dallas... and this is the control =)  To me it is a BIT confusing - so much so - I don't want to drive the car without PRACTICE!!! HAHA!! SO this verse is the RIGHT one for it!!

Light will rise in darkness...

I really do LOVE this verse... when I begin to feel a little down - I look for ways I can give...  then the LIGHT comes back!! =)  

This lamp was in our hotel room and I was just playing with my camera and shot this... I LOVE IT!!!!  

When you have eaten and are satisfied...

PRAISE THE LORD!  I think our travels leads us to MANY fun foods!  AND FUN people!  This is Laney... I just met her tonight and LOVED that she posed for me as I shot our food!! SO I am making HER my pic of the day =)

I am THANKFUL that we do get to try NEW and FUN foods wherever we do go... 

The righteous will flourish...

like a palm tree =)  I LOVE the trees on the church campus!  AND the sky was so BLUE when I shot this... I LOVED it!!


I really LOVE light pictures too... usually its a light fixture... BUT I just LOVE this window light and the reflection!  THEN the verse... all things are visible when exposed by light - TRUE!

A happy heart!

I do love shooting the toys!  AND I just LOVE Lightning McQueen's FACE in this one!  I LOVE this verse with it too... he has a HAPPY heart! 

I love seeing the hills that GOD has made!

While driving thru Massachusetts and New York... I was admiring the hills and the barns and the fields... it was so BEAUTIFUL!!  AND I just LOVE this verse that gives such HOPE!

Hunger and THIRST for righteousness!!

This is my pic for the Crossroads Photography Ministry challenge today =)  I FORGOT to bring the pic tho =(  SO I am making it my pic of the day!!  I really LOVE this hydrangea plant... in the summer it shrivels up when it does not have enough water...  so I KNEW I could do a before and after pic with it - I let the poor plant shrivel up... the watered it and waited a few hours and it came BACK to life!! That is how it is with GOD!  We NEED to let HIM fill us up... Take time TODAY... STOP... read HIS WORD and PRAY... and LISTEN... HE wants to satisfy YOU =)

Sometimes we just need REST! =)

This was our hotel room in Boston... our last night...  it was AMAZING!  I felt such REST there! I didn't even realize HOW much I needed REST until I got INTO the room!  It was so REFRESHING!!  GOD does lead us to rest...  

I did feel like all we did was EAT!  AND REST  =)

Surely I will uphold you...

I just LOVED taking this pic... =)  That HAPPY face looking to the FULL flower =)  It just reminded me to LOOK to the LORD for my strength... and I LOVE this verse!!  There were a lot of verses I could have used for this one... I LOVED this one the BEST!!!

Being content...

Seeing this setting when we were in Syracuse... I just HAD to take a shot of it... and PLAY with just the right coloring for it.

I really LOVE the feel it gives - it is old and worn... yet so INVITING to just sit and get carried away in conversation...  it is outside and away from ALL the worries of the day! So... in choosing the verse I can see this set up for all the things...  and being content in ALL of them - IF I take time to converse with the LORD =)

BE happy and joyful...

LOVE TODAY!!   I just LOVE sunflowers... they just look so HAPPY =) SO... this IS the verse for this shot!  

I LOVE that GOD made the flowers!

I really do LOVE the BEAUTY that flowers bring! I LOVE taking pix of them too!!  

I read this verse and was again reminded... that GOD will take care of ME!  I do NOT need to stress about anything!!

Lead a tranquil and quiet life...

I just LOVED Boston last week... and this spot just reminded me to STOP and take time to be quiet... It is in the midst of the Old North Church... I had to take a pic of it!!  There were LOTS of people everywhere - except in this quiet little corner =)

GOD satisfies...

I do LOVE this verse...  GOD takes care of us... AND the cattle =)  This was taken on our drive from Boston to Syracuse... another drive by!  I thought this was cool!  

The LORD looks at our motives...

I really LOVE this verse!!  GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING!  =)  AND I shot this pic in a bathroom at a hotel in Boston!!  I walked in and it was a WOW moment!!  HAHA!!  I HAD to take pix of it!!  I put this verse with this pic because the water faucet represents the CLEAN...  and what matters is what GOD thinks is CLEAN!! and even tho this was a very CLEAN bathroom... it is still a BATHROOM!!  HAHA!!


I think I LOVE walking pictures too...  I LOVE walking with GOD too =) There is something about watching grand kids learning to walk... unsure, wobbly and wanting to HOLD a hand to be secure - that is how I want to be when I am unstable and unsure... HOLDING ON TO HIS HAND!

I LOVE seeing the skies....

Driving from Boston to Syracuse today... WOW!  The HEAVENS opened up!  It was BREATHTAKING!  

This was taken by ME... a LONG time ago =)

HAHA!  I didn't have a chance to take and upload a pic today... so I am using one that is ON my computer already... I took this when I was around 7 or 8!!  AND I was laughing because next to it was one my Mom took... and my head was cut OFF!  HAHA! So for a 7 year old I think this is pretty GOOD!  NO heads are CUT OFF!!

I chose this verse too... because GOD really does LOVE us!  I was not raised in a Christian home... but GOD was there =)  AND we taught our kids to LOVE Jesus and we are teaching our Grand KIDS to LOVE HIM too!!  That is OUR PRAYER!  GOD IS FOREVER!!

Ok... today is one of those days that I will BLESS the LORD ALL DAY =)

WHEW!  I am in AWE that we found a house so FAST!  PRAISING GOD that we have it -(still PRAYING the loan for the people that bought our home goes thru)-  I am at such peace leaving to go to Boston and NY tomorrow!! WE HAVE A HOUSE!  This is the pic of the house - on the left - with the neighborhood!  I took this with my iPhone and Pano =)  It was so FUN and such an easy app!!  The verse is one I LOVE too =))