My prayer...

I am praying for what GOD wants us to do in Israel... LOVE this verse for Crossroads!!


I LOVED the Turkish Coffee we were served EVERY day while we were in Israel! I got addicted!!  =) I am going to learn to make it!! AND it did help me WAKE up every morning...

My verse for today...

I'm needing sustaining today... I have had the flu for a few days... I am tired... :(

Feeling WAY better!! :)

I have been a little "out of it" for a while because of the dental work I had done... It has made me really tired! So I have prayed to be revived... And today... I am feeling GREAT!!

I am so thankful that HE answered my prayer!!

I LOVE that God Loves me...

I had to really dig to see what this verse actually meant... I LOVED getting to study :)
And realized that HE loves me enough to care about the things I do! ...when I veer off HIS path... He let's me know! :)

And this heart looks haunting to me... Which is what happens when I go the wrong way... Knowing something isn't right...

I did it a few different ways...

I considered my ways...

And turned my feet to YOUR testimonies! Psalm 119:59

This was a great verse to read today... And thought about the choices I have made thru the years... I have chosen my lifestyle to be HIS ways... For 35 years now!! WOW!! I do not regret choosing Jesus all these years later!

He is the ONE who loves me most... And carries me thru the rough spots of life!

I may not have always made great choices in little things... But my lifestyle... My daily walk has ALWAYS been with HIM in mind! I've never even considered walking away from JESUS!!

I did 2 pix today :)

So GLAD GOD is my comfort!

Reading Psalm 119... I loved this verse too... So many times I am afflicted... HIS words do comfort me!!

Let your words be few...

I have always loved this verse.... Because of the song :)

by Matt Redman
You are God in heaven
And here am I on earth,
So I'll let my words be few-
Jesus I am so in love with You.

And I'll stand in awe of You,
Yes I'll stand in awe of You,
And I'll let my words be few-
Jesus I am so in love with You.

The simplest of all love songs
I want to bring to You,
So I'll let my words be few-
Jesus I am so in love with You.

So I did this for today :)

Turn away my eyes...

From looking at vanity, and revive me in YOUR ways! Psalm 119:37
WOW! I was struck by this one today... What do I look at?? or focus on??

Here is the heart art I made...

I am LOVING Psalm 119!!

I love taking my time reading each section and praying thru this Psalm... It is changing my heart!

Here is another heart piece :)

Verse for today...

I love these verses... All from Psalm 119 :)

Then this one... is one of my hearts desires... I want to hunger for HIS WORD and feel like this!!!

Trying something different!

I'm in the WORD everyday and want to make an art piece everyday... Somedays it will be with my camera some days with drawing... Or something artistic!! So here is yesterday's and today's... I am taking sections of Psalm 119 right now!!

Sometimes I need to just wait...

I think I am impatient sometimes... and when I looked at this pic it helped me just think about waiting... it can be a BEAUTIFUL place to be! So... I am waiting... with JOY =)

Pic for today

I have a lot of pix =] I've had no good connection to the Internet... So hopefully NOW I can post them! :)

I love that I can create on my iPad!!


I'm sorry for neglecting this blog... I'm really inspired everyday! But I am learning to balance my "art" on the computer and on paper.

I'm trying to do art projects... With paint, markers, and pens with gesso and glitter =] but this IS a learning process for me right now.

I am not ON my computer as much as I was... Which is a good thing... But I am neglecting my Photoshop skills :(

I am PRAYING thru all of this... I want to do it all and use it ALL for God's glory... And share it with you! Please pray with me as I struggle thru this balancing act!

Here are a few pix of my mixed up life... Haha!!

Feeling BLESSED!

I was so surprised that it was only 82 degrees today... at 2PM!!  A very pleasant day... the pic may not be great... but I did document it!!  HAHA!!

I want to EAT God's words...

I read this today and was so inspired!! I really want to devour the Word and have it IN my heart!!!

Getting Inspired...

I'm meditating... and want to do so much MORE with what God is inspiring me to do... So I started doing an art journal... I am LOVING doing this... But, I am realizing my perfectionism is keeping me from just doing it!

Here is my first page...

Here is my 3rd page... I'm trying out fun MESSY things!

I'm feeling like I need more tho... I'm not really writing out what I'm getting from the Lord.... So I started researching again... And now I'm going to incorporate art into my writing... Here's what Chuck got me for my birthday!! I'm so in LOVE with him!! He let's me play!!

And I made it my pic of the day...

I know this is a longer blog than normal for here... But, I'm changing things up a bit... Which I LOVE!! Maybe that will be my next blog... I LOVE change... I NEED change!!!

My pic for today!

I was in an airplane all day... And so I played with apps! It was so fun!! This was done in ArtStudio =] layers and textures... I did the text in Photogene... =]

Today's pic...

We were out plant shopping yesterday... and I KNEW I couldn't buy everything... so I shot a few pix of things I didn't get =)  I just LOVE this flower! I have NO idea what type of flower it is... but I LOVE the yellow center with the BRIGHT white petals!  It is peaceful to me!!

This is one of MY favorite PIX!!!!

This really was LUCK when I shot this... with my iPhone =)  and... PRAY this verse for all my grand kids!!