Be PLANTED in the house of the LORD!

I LOVE these verses!  Do you want to flourish? Do you want to yield fruit in OLD age?  =)  HAHA! I sure do!!  Be PLANTED in the house of the LORD!  I must say that I LOVE the HOUSE that GOD has placed us in!!  HE IS SO GOOOOOD to me!!

This is the VERSE for our life right now =)

AND I shot this today while we were out house hunting =)  I LOVE it!!  I did see quite a few possibilities... now I am HOPING and WAITING to see what GOD has in store for us =)

I NEED the LORD's LEADING now =)

Our house SOLD =)  and I am just PRAYING for HIM to lead us to the RIGHT one...  I took this pic yesterday while the kids were here playing =)  AND it is a PERFECT one for me right NOW! ALONG with the verse...

The LORD has made TODAY =)

LET US REJOICE =)  I just LOVE this verse!!  AND I want to be reminded EVERYDAY to REJOICE!! 

LORD be Magnified!!

I was just shooting for fun... and I got flowers for my birthday... and I LOVED this!  It is a PARTY PIC!! AND makes me HAPPY...  I love this verse with it too... =)


I LOVED this shot... Jennifer looks so calm - like she is waiting for just the right pitch =)

WE NEED to be calm while we are waiting too...  like waiting for our house to SELL =)  HAHA!!

Light of the WORLD...

JESUS IS the LIGHT...  and I LOVE being IN HIS light...  =)  I think I LOVE pictures of light too!!

I cheated a bit today =)

This can is from some of the high school girls... they wanted to be a part of our ALL IN campaign - to raise $ for the church!  It was so SWEET!  I LOVED how they decorated it too =) The verse here is GREAT too!! =)


Today I have a LOT of hope.... =)  For the future... for my Grand KIDS... for LIFE...  I saw this as I was driving today and it just made my day =)

Apart from HIM... we can do NOTHING

This is one of my favorite verses!!  AND I have been wanting to take tons of pix of vineyards... YESTERDAY I got to take a few in Temecula...  I want to go back because I didn't feel like I got enough!!  

I LOVE that God wants me to be connected to HIM... ALL the time!  AND I do KNOW that I cannot do anything without HIM in my life! 

Children are a gift from GOD!

I just LOVE this pic...  AND just a reminder to you parents out there... Children ARE a gift =)

BLESSED people WALK in the LIGHT! =)

This was a FUN shoot yesterday!  AND I just LOVE this verse and I want to be BLESSED by the LORD and WALK IN HIS LIGHT!  And in this pic... they are BLESSED with a baby on the way... =)

...pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace...

That is what this group of AMAZING people are doing! They are heading to Kenya in a couple of days... PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR THEM!!  GOD is at work there!!

My heart was broken...

This is a personal photo for me today... I was supposed to leave tonight for Kenya - and I have been looking forward to this ALL YEAR LONG!! Well... circumstances are that we couldn't go this year after all... I cried for 2 days...  

This is a pic of my travel bag... and it was a reminder for me to PRAY for our trip... so I took a pic of it for my pic of the day and the verse is PERFECT for how my heart was feeling!  I am ok now... God does take care of me =)


the devil PROWLS around like a roaring lion!!

I shot this at VBS last night!  I just HAD to use this verse with it!!  It was a GREAT week at VBS too...  I LOVE watching the kids WANT to serve Jesus!

Do you want refreshment???

Then Fear the LORD and turn away from evil!  

I shot this the other day...  it has been soooooo HOT and this is a pic that reminds me of being refreshed if we use the air conditioner!  BUT the BEST way to be refreshed is to BE IN THE LORD!!  =)

I do LOVE that GOD provides for us!!

Ok... I LOVE BREAD!  I don't eat a lot because I am watching WHAT I do eat...  =)  Anyway... I was just playing with the camera and shot this on my counter... so I found this verse to go with it - and so VERY THANKFUL that God does provide for me daily!!  HE IS SO GOOD TO ME!!


I had fun shooting this onion the other day... and I have been wondering what verse should I put with it...  I have been searching and searching. THEN... I thought about what an onion does... it causes TEARS!!  I really do not like to cut them up!!  Then I read this verse and I was convicted - I do NOT cry when people disobey GOD - I LOVE HIM with all my HEART and I know how much it hurts HIM when we disobey...  I need to think more of how GOD FEELS!!

GOD wants your burdens...

I LOVED getting to shoot Liam today... he was so CUTE lifting the weights!!  AND this verse just FIT this pic!! 

God teaches us at ALL ages =)

I shot this shadow of Liam and Chuck tonight... I LOVE IT! I instantly thought how MUCH we LOVE Liam - and want to teach him about loving the LORD all the days of his life. Then when I read this verse...  I remembered we are ALL HIS children and HE teaches us ALL the time... I always want listen to HIS words!

This is what I thought of tonight...

I was cutting out paper dolls tonight and there were LOTS of different colors of papers...  it make me think of ALL the different peoples that GOD wants us to share the LOVE of Jesus with...  so I PRAYED as I was cutting ALL the colors - that JESUS would be taught in EVERY nation...  so THIS is my hears desire right now.  Even tho I can't go EVERYWHERE... GOD can =)

The fields of Indiana...

ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I couldn't stop taking pix of them... drive by shootings =)  Here is one of a field with the Cat tails...  WOW!!!  AND the tree!!  I always think of this verse when I see fields! AND I want to be ONE of God's Harvesters!! I LOVE that I get to serve HIM in ministry... there is NOTHING I would rather be doing!! 

GOD does do what HE pleases...

I really realized that NOTHING is really ever in our control while trying to catch a flight...  and the weather changed all the plans =)  BUT it was fun to see where we would end up and what time =)  I shot this pic from the plane today... coming HOME!  It was so FUN to see a beautiful sunset... as we were landing - with the HOPE of being HOME =) 


I have always LOVED this verse!  AND I have experienced this verse =)  HAHA!!  GOD does know and SEE everything that we do!  and when I shot this today... I thought it looks like a back alley somewhere... and usually bad stuff happens there! SO this verse came to mind =)

I LOVE going to conventions!!

Especially Christian Conventions where I can see friends from the past... AND get spiritually renewed!  Today we were at the Church Development Fund booth and got to see Brad Dupray and Doug Crozier (who follows my picture of the day). I really do LOVE getting to hang out with them at these places...  AND this verse does describe THEM!!  IF you need a place to invest your money... talk to these guys!  

Sometimes... God has other plans for us =)

WHEW!  What a DAY!  I am just so GLAD I have a camera on my phone!!  THese were all the flights we were booked on TODAY! Just to make it to Indianapolis TODAY!  One was cancelled... the others were so LATE we would miss our connecting flights - HAHA!!  We went from one coast... to the other coast and back to the MIDDLE of the country =)

THIS was all I could do for today...  =) Proverbs 16:9

I LOVE fireworks...

And I shot this last night!  I LOVE how it looks like a heart - and I LOVE hearts AND sparkles... =) This verse is just right for it... devoted to searching for GOD in the DARK (even in Las Vegas) - you will FIND him... =)

A pic from the desert today...

We went to Red Rock Canyon today... to hike... BUT really what we did was DRIVE and pull over to get shots =)  We did hike a bit once...

BUT...  this was a pull over shot...  AND when I saw this it looks like a family out in the desert! Then I looked beyond... and it really looked like people scattered thru out the whole area!  I snapped a few pix and showed Chuck... he gave me this VERSE for it... WOW!!! and WOW again!!  


The LORD is good...

to those who wait for HIM...   He really IS =)  I was HOPING to get a NEW pic today... but didn't have the time to go OUT to get one - even if I did I FORGOT my card reader... so I just waited to SEE what to do... and I did PRAY... and found a few pix already ON my computer... HE IS SO GOOD TO ME =)

AND I LOVE this pic... it does remind me of waiting for GOD no matter where we are!! 

Food and Shelter...

it is all we need =)  LOVED this verse!!!  AND this was dinner the other night... I thought it was a very PRETTY salad =)  HAHA!!

Searching for water...

GOD WILL NOT FORSAKE ME!   I took this shot last night...  and LOVED it...  and there are days that I feel PARCHED and this verse just says it ALL!! GOD knows and cares!