I LOVE the rain!

I got a pic of the rain just starting!  LOVED that I got it!!  =)  AND since this is the walkway... I thought this verse was just RIGHT!

Enter thru...

the narrow gate...   I am LOVING the iPhone app - Hipstamatic! I have NOT had time to go our shooting for fun... but a I always have my phone and I am shooting A LOT with it!

PLUS I have been wanting use this verse! It fit perfect with these gates!

I will BLESS the LORD!

AT ALL TIMES!  I loved this cake!  It is so festive and FUN!  I do LOVE the LORD =)

The MOON from the other night!

WOW!  I was praying that it would not be cloudy so we could SEE the moon! AND it was NOT! I was thrilled to get this!!  =)

In the beginning...

GOD created the heavens and the earth!  AND I am so VERY thankful!!  I LOVE the California skies!!!

I took this photo a few weeks ago when it was COLD!  HAHA!!  It was BREATHTAKING!!!  AND it was the view right behind our house!!  =)


I just LOVE to take photos of them!!  and this VERSE...  WOW!  I want my whole LIFE to reflect JESUS!!!!

I LOVE to worship!

I shot this today at church... I do LOVE it!!!  AND I want to sing to HIM  =)

Solid Food...

is for the mature =)  I am LOVING making baby food for my grand daughter... and so GLAD that I get to eat SOLID food!  It tastes so much BETTER!!  =)

I shot this when we were at the Melting Pot for dinner... I LOVED it!!  This verse is one of my faves too!!

One thing...

I want to dwell IN the house of the LORD...  

I LOVED playing with this shot... and it does remind me of BEAUTY =)

Ever FEEL like this??

I have been so sick the past few days... and all I could do was CRY out to GOD!  I shot this yesterday when the kids were here... I LOVED the eyes... they say what I felt!!  =)


This is ONE of the roses Chuck got me on Valentine's day...  and I had to shoot them... =)  They NO longer look like this... so here is the PERFECT verse for this!!  =)

Teach me your paths...

Oh LORD... LEAD me in YOUR way!!  I LOVE my hipstamatic camera on my iphone!  This is just ONE of the pix... MORE to come!!