I really LOVE that the saguaro cactus plants raise their "arms" like they are PRAISING the LORD! 

YOU wove me in my Mother's womb...

I just LOVE these verses... actually I just LOVE Psalm 139!!  AND I LOVE BABIES!! =)  Well... for those of you in the Corona area... the Walk For Life is this Saturday... here is the link to Corona Life Services...  
Walk For Life INFO

Corona City Park, 6th St.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Registration: 8:30 am
Walk Begins: 10:00 am

AND I LOVE my pic for today!!

YOUR Love Oh LORD...

reaches to the heavens...  I just LOVE the skies here in Arizona!  It is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!

SO... the verse is the PERFECT one for this shot!!

The BEAUTY of the desert!

As I drove around Phoenix today... I was just AMAZED at the real BEAUTY of the desert! I just don't get to see this EVERY DAY!  I tried to go and find saguaro cactus to get shots of... but most of the places I found had fences blocking me out =(  and the Mountain Parks I went to didn't have them at the start... I had to HIKE in... which I was NOT prepared to do in 106 degree temps!!  HAHA!!  BUT I did find some... and I LOVED seeing the BLOOMS of this desert plant... it was truly BEAUTIFUL!!  

AND this is a GREAT verse for it!!!!!!

Carry one another's burdens...

This is one of my FAVORITE times at church!  During communion... people asking for prayer... for GOD to work!  HE LOVES to listen to our prayers!!

Do not forget...

what GOD has done in your life!  AND Teach them to your children and to their children! GOD is so GOOD to us!!  I ALWAYS want to remember!

I LOVED watching the kids write on the floors of our new house... the boys RAN more than wrote =) but Maia wanted to keep writing where ever she went!!

I HAD to use this as my pic of the day... =)

This was just so CUTE!! I didn't have my "real" camera with me but I did have my PHONE!

Just watching Liam made me realize just how much he WATCHES us!  He looks like he knows what he is doing!!  He was really scared a few weeks ago... now he is holding the ropes and touching the walls =)

BE careful in YOUR walk... you never know who is watching YOU!

I love flowers!

AND this was fun to take...  it was in parking lot =)

I sure wish that flowers did last longer... but I do enjoy them for the few moments they are here!!  That is why I do LOVE this verse with it too!


AND candles!  Especially the pumpkin =) and I ALWAYS feel refreshed when I light one!  I feel rested and at peace!

This verse is how I feel when a pumpkin candle is burning! 

Be a FISHER of men =)

I just LOVE these guys!!  AND was BLESSED that they would take time to let me use them for my picture of the day!! =)

AND I want to be called a fisher of men!

YOU oh LORD...

Keep my lamp burning!  WOW!  I need this right now =)  I am not in the dark... but I am THRILLED that HE keeps it lit for me!!         I am just TIRED!

Be on guard...

I LOVE beach pix and I shot this yesterday with this verse in mind for it... =)

To me the beach is peaceful and trouble free... and I want my soul to be just like that!

Keep watch...

I saw these guys at the beach today... and it did REMIND me to keep watch =)  

How I feel TODAY...

I shoot pix randomly...  for fun and just to see the settings on the camera... well I shot this the other day and I LOVED it!  This is my FAVORITE lens of ALL time... and as I was shooting it... I was praying and asking GOD to give me some creativity to go with that lens!

The verse I was PLANNING to use with it was -

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the LORD;And He will give you the desires of your heart. - 

because GOD has given me the desires of MY heart!!  Life really IS wonderful!

But as I was looking thru verses I found the one ON the pic!  That is how I am feeling TODAY!  I do KNOW that GOD is at work... but I think I am just tired of not knowing WHEN we will be moving!  HAHA!!  It is nice to be in our own bed... but I feel like my life is on hold... for a while anyway! 

It is ALL GOOD... GOD IS at work!

May the LORD reward your work...

I shot this the other day... in our backyard!!  I am NOT a fan of bees so I did NOT get real close to this THING hanging from our palm tree....  and as I watched ALL those bees busy at work... I KNEW this had to be one of my pix!!

Bees do work HARD!!  May the LORD BLESS your work and wages!!

DEVOTE yourselves to prayer...

I LOVED taking this shot... it is a GREAT reminder that we NEED to stay in communication with GOD!  I thought that when I shot this - it was a GREAT shot for prayer... =) I LOVE writing out my prayers... and now I can on my iPad! =) Technology can be GREAT!

... have one spirit and purpose =)

LOVE this shot from Generate last Wednesday night... and it got me thinking of the whole worship team - the must all be ONE... "on the same page" - or it would be a chaotic mess of a sound!  SO I thought of this verse to go along with it...  

I loved this shot...

KIDS do LOVE to just RUN!!  AND I shot this last year... and LOVED it!  And I just LOVE the verse - Jesus wants the children to COME to HIM!!  =)

I think I will be going to my archives for a few days... since we are HOPING to move out!!

I NEED this today!

These are my weights for doing the 30 Day Shred...  and I am sooooo TIRED!  Plus this is a WONDERFUL verse!  

I so NEED the strength of the LORD -  I did shred earlier... BUT feeling It all NOW!!!

Let us come into HIS dwelling place...

and worship HIM!  I do LOVE worship pix... especially when they are so FROM the heart!  This one is just what I needed for TODAY!  I LOVED reading ALL the verses on worship...  HE IS WORTHY!  Thank YOU LORD for loving me...  

Let us go UP the mountain...

I just LOVED this shot of Nick!  AND when I saw it I KNEW it had to be my pic of the day today!!  THE verse is PERFECT with it too!!

I LOVED rock climbing... I can't wait to learn MORE and get more PIX =)

Keep your eyes FOCUSED on JESUS!!

I was getting really frustrated at the LACK of focusing on this series of pix...  I LOVED the GLOW from the light and wanted that PERFECT GLOW in focus!  NEVER got it... but I did GET the lesson learned from it! 

Life is very blurry and frustrating when my heart is NOT focused on JESUS! I LOVE that lesson... I want my life and my heart completely to be HIS!


I was excited to get to be at GENERATE tonight... and shoot a few shots... 

This was one of my FAVES!!  THANKS to Brooke Conlin =) she shared this verse this morning and I have been thinking on it ALL DAY!  I used to sing this song to my BABIES... when they were babies!

In the morning Lord...

YOU will hear my voice!  I LOVE to PRAY!  AND this iPhone connector reminds me of PRAYING!  That is my CONNECTION to GOD! =)  Are you connected??  HE wants to hear from YOU!

Appear as a light... =)

I just HAD to take this shot of light bulbs at our new house!  AND I do want to be IN the MIDST of other Lights for JESUS!  So this verse is for THIS shot! =)

I do LOVE God's Word...

I saw this young man at church today... it really did BLESS me to see him digging into God's Word... so this verse is just PERFECT for it! =)


Only GOD has the power to do anything!  and... HE CAN do anything!! Do you BELIEVE? I do!

I LOVE this shot...  it is the symbol of POWER =)

Just WAITING on the LORD =)

I am just so BLESSED to have had so MANY friends come and help us pack up our house to be ready to move by Tuesday!  Now there are BOXES EVERYWHERE!!  

AND NOW... we have to WAIT... =)  Escrow won't close this week... so we don't need to move just yet!  I am PRAISING GOD we still have our bed set up!!  So... we are just gonna wait...

This pic is our dining room and this verse says it all... we will inherit the LAND... just gotta wait!

This pic... made me LAUGH!

I don't know why... but I really LOVED this shot from Dan and Melly's wedding!!  

AND it was really HARD to pick the PERFECT verse for it because there are MANY options on the way it could go...  =)

BUT this verse kept IN MY MIND while looking up MANY other verses!! it is like they did something BAD to them and they are getting AWAY! and NO ONE but GOD can help =)  HAHA!! In reality... we do have an enemy that is trying to break up marriages and only GOD can take care of it!!  Man's wisdom is NOT God's WAY!  Only HE can work miracles in our marriages!


Love your neighbor... =)

I am so TIRED this week... but it is a GOOD tired! First, we have had Liam all week because Tim and Jill got to go on a surprise VACATION!  AND he does NOT know what it means to "sleep-in" HAHA!!  So I am up EARLY for me!  One morning he was up at 6AM!! Second, we are  PACKING up the house!  I have had HELP and more is on the way!  BUT, it is still stressful to go thru almost 9 years of STUFF!

SO... as the week has been so BUSY  -  I have been wondering about my pic of the day and this one is PERFECT for the week!  It is where we are MOVING to! AND the BLESSING it will BE!  AND we have begun PRAYING for our neighbors now...  I am excited to get to meet them and see if they know Jesus!!

AND... the pic was taken with my iPhone and using a stitching program... it is 4 pix =)