LAST pic of the DAY for 2010!

WOW!  I have really LOVED doing my 365 blog... This is the LAST pic of the year... and I LOVE IT!  The verse is PERFECT for this New Year...  Look FORWARD to what GOD is doing!! =)

Ok... I will be continuing this on... but I am setting up different rules for me =)
I will post SOMETHING everyday... usually a photo or an art piece... but sometimes just a verse or something that has inspired me that day!  AND If I cannot get it up on THAT day because my internet is not working... or on vacation with NO internet... I will post it as soon as I can get it up!  NO MORE STRESSING over that this year!  HAHA!!

Happy New YEAR!!
May GOD bless you in this next year... 2011!
Love ya!!

LET GOD lead you...

I do LOVE this verse...  and this PIC!!  I love the reflection... and the bird just waiting there...

Exalt the LORD...

We had so much FUN shooting a Trash the Dress yesterday... and I KNEW I had to use this shot for this verse!!!


I LOVED our Christmas Eve Service... and THIS is a photo that reminds me of CHRISTMAS!!! A tree... and MUSIC... and JESUS!!  HE is the reason for the season!  I hope YOU had a CHRIST filled Christmas this year!

GOD is still there =)

Even when it is flooding!  I LOVED reading this verse yesterday when the RAIN was coming down so HARD!!! =)

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Live LIFE!

It has been RAINING for many days now... and I have to choose to have a good attitude!  =)
so... my verse today is for ME... GOD has saved my life!  ENJOY what life brings!!!

On a side note... I really do LOVE the rain... when I can stay INSIDE and NOT have to go out in it!  This is Christmas week and I still have shopping to do =)  HAHA!!  At least I do have BOOTS to keep my feet dry!!

LOVE is why God sent Jesus...

I LOVE my new necklace... and wanted pix of it! =)  AND LOVE is why GOD send Jesus to us...

The RAIN came down...

AND the winds blew!!  HAHA!  Today is a STORMY day!!!  WOW!  So... I shot thru the car window!!  AND I hope that you are building YOUR foundation on THE ROCK! =) Jesus is the ONLY one that will get you thru the rainy days!!

It is with your HEART that you BELIEVE =)

I just LOVED this shot I got today... little Autumn was so CUTE watching Santa!!  AND it looked like she was talking to him!  I LOVE this verse with it too... because so many times the word BELIEVE does get associated with Santa... but the REAL ONE to BELIEVE in is JESUS!! =)

PROCLAIM HIS Salvation...

DAY after DAY!!  I had so much fun getting to go to Salvation Mountain... out by Salton Sea... and getting to meet Leonard =)  This was taken from behind...   I LOVE IT!!!

The road to Hana =)

I LOVE our ride... and the shots... this is one of my FAVES!!  It is a path...  and wet... and the LIGHT is shining thru it all!!  I really thought of GOD looking down on us on the drive!! =)

Thirst for GOD...

the LIVING GOD!  I AM thirsting for HIM today... so this was the BEST shot for this verse today! =)

I LOVE this shot of Santa... =)

It looks like he is PRAISING the LORD!!  SO this verse is just right for it!!  AND as I was doing this one today... I realized there are only 20 days left of this year!!  WOW!  I have LOVED doing this!! I will continue next year... just differently =) I am thinking what I want to commit to!

I do LOVE Sushi =)

AND looking for a verse... I was VERY THANKFUL to GOD that HE gave us fish to eat =)

Splendor AND Majesty are before HIM!

This photo just reminds me that GOD shines where ever we are!  MAY HE SHINE in YOU this Christmas Season!!

Just a simple shot today...

I am wanting something simple today... and LOVE this shot of the candy kiss - alone - so I chose this verse to go with it...  I want to desire the LORD like I desire the candy!!


I LOVED this shot!  AND just a reminder to ME... that GOD is FAITHFUL!!  He can be TRUSTED in all things!! No matter how young or old we are! HE is FOREVER! =)

Christmas is a ROMANTIC time of year...

AND this pic is just so pretty... I LOVE the Christmas trees all lined up heading INTO the hotel... so INVITING...  so I thought of this verse to go with it!  I do want to be LEAD by HIM with HIS banner of LOVE over me =)

Just thinking...

I am just so emotional now... maybe it is because it IS Christmas time and memories just come flooding in... or watching movies that make me cry... or just so THANKFUL where GOD has me right now.

ANYWAY... this pic was taken in Hawaii and I was not sure what verse I wanted to use with it - until NOW!  AND it made me cry just thinking about Jesus' Mom - Mary - treasuring who JESUS was... a MOM's heart!  I am pondering the past and the future... and hoping that GOD will be GLORIFIED in all I do!

This IS Christmas!

I LOVE A Christmas TREE... and the lights... and just the way it glows!  So whenever I see one that I LOVE I really do THANK GOD for sending Jesus to US! I LOVE this verse to be a part of this shot...

Merry Christmas!

This is a FUN pic!

I LOVED our time in Hawaii... and I think that this verse is PERFECT for this pic... taken with Chuck's iPhone =)  I do LOVE shaved ice...  a HUGE temptation! 

Enjoy life while you wait...

HE is there =)  This shot just reminds me it is OK to wait... AND to enjoy the surroundings WHILE I wait!  God sure made this earth BEAUTIFUL!

The LORD is my light...

I do LOVE this shot...  another one of LIGHT =)  I must say that this place was so AMAZING to be at...  Dinner was YUMMY... the atmosphere was AMAZING... and I just felt at peace!

GOD does light my darkness... and makes me feel secure =)

Jesus LOVES you =)

This is a pic of an AMAZING tree!!!  The main trunk is towards the BACK of the pic... the rest of the limbs AND roots are FROM that original tree!  It is HUGE!  So when I KNEW I was going to use this a a Pic... I knew that this was the verse for it!!  It made me think just HOW BIG GOD is... and HOW much He loves ME!!

I do LOVE ALL of God's creation!

I have NO idea what kind of flower this is... but it caught my attention as I walked by... I HAD to get a shot! I LOVE the pink in it!! =)

Following HIM...

I shot this yesterday while on the beach in Hawaii...  I just love it!  SO... when I was looking for verses... this is the PERFECT one...  I want to LEAVE every THING to follow Jesus!  Life is better when HE is my EVERYTHING!!

Pic for today AND tomorrow =)

Ok... I am a bit LATE for today - Sunday's pic... and I even created it Saturday and I still didn't have time to upload it til today =(  SO I did Monday's pic too... and technically it IS Monday so I am posting it too!

Sunday's pic...  BOTH things I NEED in the morning... JESUS and COFFEE  =)

Monday's Pic...  he is waiting patiently as he is playing his game =)

My PRAYER for this Christmas season...

I want to be a refection of Jesus this Christmas season... and I read this verse this morning and I want this to be MY LIFE verse for this season!!  My PRAYER is that YOU will KNOW who JESUS is too =)


All the candles... lights... and SPARKLES!  =)  Here is the start of Christmas pix =)  WALK IN THE LIGHT!!  HE shines thru YOU =)

I AM thankful today...

God is so GOOD to me... and I so LOVE HIM! I do LOVE the family HE has given me...  they are the BEST!!

AND one LITTLE thing that I am THANKFUL for... candy kisses =)  It was so fun to munch on them all day long... ONE of my many little BLESSINGS in my life!  HAHA!!

LOVE on someone this season...

I LOVE the FALL and all the colors that come with it!!  And I love this verse with this pic...  And as I was thinking thru this verse... this is the time of year when a lot of people are hurting and really need to be LOVED on... we can share JESUS with them! HE is the ULTIMATE heart healer!! 

LIGHT rises in the darkness...

I do LOVE lights... and this castle had so MANY places for GREAT shots!

AND GOD is so gracious and compassionate to me... I just LOVE HIM =)


FOREVER!  This was so FUN to see when we were up in the Napa area... a CASTLE!  AND at SUNSET =)   It just reminds me that GOD is the only ONE that reigns - FOREVER!

I do LOVE to see GOD's POWER!

I had fun shooting my "drive-by's" while driving with Chuck!  AND seeing all these power poles... just reminded me of GOD's POWER!!

AND this verse...  I want to DECLARE HIS power to the next generation...  My GRAND KIDS!!  GOD IS AT WORK!!!

What kind of fruit are you?

I want to be GOOD fruit =)  

I got this shot from a gas station... driving home.  I think I LOVE making LOTS of stops on a road trip! =)

My pic for today...

We drove home all day today and KNEW we still had to shred... And we did!!! To me this really is WORK!!! And all my stuff is still packed away... I did this on my iPad =] at least I got it done TODAY!!

GOD gives me the strength to keep doing this...

I LOVE the ocean...

I am so thrilled that God has allowed me to LIVE near one!  AND even DRIVE to some!  This is up near Bodega Bay... and it was a BREATHTAKING view!!  GOD IS POWERFUL!!! 

GOD does provide for us...

I just LOVED this shot... and NOT sure what verse to put with it!  HAHAHA!!  SO I chose this one because GOD does provide for us...  even if these ostriches are not birds of the air... HE still CARES for them too =)

GOD gives us PEACE...

I just LOVE this shot! Liam is so content and at PEACE with his Mommy right there...  no FEAR!  That is what GOD does for us...  =)  ALL is right with the world when we TRUST HIM!

Sometimes I just LOVE to shoot... =)

Random STUFF!!  I loved this little house!!  SO this verse is perfect for the way I am feeling TODAY!! =)   GOD IS GOOD!

Walk in HIS ways...

and LOVE HIM =)  I do LOVE paths and roads! They do remind me of walking WITH the Lord!!


I haven't really journaled in a while and I am really wanting to get back into it... so this shot just reminded me that I want to FILL in the blank lines!  

I am very THANKFUL that we have God's WORD in written form for us to read...  


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