This is one of MY favorite PIX!!!!

This really was LUCK when I shot this... with my iPhone =)  and... PRAY this verse for all my grand kids!!

Pic for today :)

I am trying from the iPad again... Let's see if it will post! My friend showed me this app... I love that I can use my own pix... Ands words to go with it! I just need to think of more words!! Haha!!

-- Posted from Pamee's iPad =]

My MEDITATION verse for today...

AND this week!!!  THANKS to Brent Ingram for tweeting this verse!!  =) This goes along with my other blog... Life... it's a daily thing =)


I do wish I could PLAY the piano like our worship team... it is so INSPIRING!!!

An old pic... with a GREAT verse!

I was just looking thru old pix... this isn't a vintage one... but OLD for me... and this verse is just a reminder I NEED HIM!!