LAST pic of the DAY for 2010!

WOW!  I have really LOVED doing my 365 blog... This is the LAST pic of the year... and I LOVE IT!  The verse is PERFECT for this New Year...  Look FORWARD to what GOD is doing!! =)

Ok... I will be continuing this on... but I am setting up different rules for me =)
I will post SOMETHING everyday... usually a photo or an art piece... but sometimes just a verse or something that has inspired me that day!  AND If I cannot get it up on THAT day because my internet is not working... or on vacation with NO internet... I will post it as soon as I can get it up!  NO MORE STRESSING over that this year!  HAHA!!

Happy New YEAR!!
May GOD bless you in this next year... 2011!
Love ya!!

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