Run with endurance...

I LOVE this shot of Tanya!!  So carefree and ALIVE!  This verse is what this pic says to me... lay aside every sin and run towards Jesus!!


  1. I love this verse! And the pic is perfect! Sometimes we forget about the "Great Cloud of WITNESSES SuRrounding us"! It's breathtaking! It's a great thing to remember. That alone should cause us to "lay aside every encumbrance and sin that so easily entangles us" so we can run the race without any extra weight. Can you imagine her running with a large backpack on and a garbage bag in each hand? I bet she would not be smiling :) Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to set my bags down now... I HOPE the Great Cloud of Witness was not shaking their heads and laughing at me! hahaha :) This pic and verse is exactly what I needed right now. God is so good! Thanks again Pam! :)

  2. I totally agree with the above comment! What a great reminder of how wonderful He is :)
    Thanks for sharing this amazing combination of verse & photo! Again My Friend...what a great thing you do :)

  3. Pam your photographer skills are great but the way you put his word to the photo brings true life to your skills. I saw that photo and thought how silly I look and then reading the scripture makes me love that photo. Thanks!!! You always help me see him more clearly. XO