The LORD is good...

to those who wait for HIM...   He really IS =)  I was HOPING to get a NEW pic today... but didn't have the time to go OUT to get one - even if I did I FORGOT my card reader... so I just waited to SEE what to do... and I did PRAY... and found a few pix already ON my computer... HE IS SO GOOD TO ME =)

AND I LOVE this pic... it does remind me of waiting for GOD no matter where we are!! 


  1. Debra-Ann TaylorJuly 4, 2010 at 11:20 PM

    love this pic! What edits did you do if you don't mind me's awesome! Great job!!

  2. HAHA!! Oh This was Painter 11 (its a program) that I was playing with!! I LOVE IT! I haven't had time to play lately... but THIS one was in my faves =)