Getting Inspired...

I'm meditating... and want to do so much MORE with what God is inspiring me to do... So I started doing an art journal... I am LOVING doing this... But, I am realizing my perfectionism is keeping me from just doing it!

Here is my first page...

Here is my 3rd page... I'm trying out fun MESSY things!

I'm feeling like I need more tho... I'm not really writing out what I'm getting from the Lord.... So I started researching again... And now I'm going to incorporate art into my writing... Here's what Chuck got me for my birthday!! I'm so in LOVE with him!! He let's me play!!

And I made it my pic of the day...

I know this is a longer blog than normal for here... But, I'm changing things up a bit... Which I LOVE!! Maybe that will be my next blog... I LOVE change... I NEED change!!!

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  1. Simply adorable. I love your creativity, and I may have to try that myself.