Love your neighbor... =)

I am so TIRED this week... but it is a GOOD tired! First, we have had Liam all week because Tim and Jill got to go on a surprise VACATION!  AND he does NOT know what it means to "sleep-in" HAHA!!  So I am up EARLY for me!  One morning he was up at 6AM!! Second, we are  PACKING up the house!  I have had HELP and more is on the way!  BUT, it is still stressful to go thru almost 9 years of STUFF!

SO... as the week has been so BUSY  -  I have been wondering about my pic of the day and this one is PERFECT for the week!  It is where we are MOVING to! AND the BLESSING it will BE!  AND we have begun PRAYING for our neighbors now...  I am excited to get to meet them and see if they know Jesus!!

AND... the pic was taken with my iPhone and using a stitching program... it is 4 pix =)

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